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Your agency for temporary, furnished accommodation in Halle and its surroundings.

We are the specialists for temporary, furnished accommodation. Benefit from our experience. Since 1992 we have been offering our service to private clients and companies.

We will provide you with a daily updated range of accommodation offers. Furnished apartments, flats and houses from functional to exclusive.

There are many good reasons to come to Halle, whether it be business, private or pleasure. If you're in need of a house, flat, apartment or room in Halle, you'll always find an extensive selection of furnished properties to choose from at HomeCompany Halle. We cater for all types of properties ranging from basic and functional dwellings to luxury homes in prime locations, providing short- to long term leases available in quiet, rural, suburban and lively central locations. You can expect our exceptionally professional and friendly service when looking for your desired rental home.

Request and acquire suitable accommodation offers by clicking onLINK (search for accommodation)  or order HomeCompany Halle to search for you and LINK(define your search criteria).
If you are planning to stay four weeks or longer,  we have the suitable accommodation, whether exclusive or functional, quiet or central. LINK (Browse) our objects for furnished accommodation.

We are also active in the environs of Halle:
Bitterfeld-Wolfen * Blankenburg * Coswig * Dessau * Köthen * Leuna * Lutherstadt Wittenberg * Madgeburg * Merseburg *   Naumburg * Schkopau * Thale * Weißenfels * Zeitz *   and many others.

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HomeCompany Halle
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06108 Halle

Tel.: + 49 (0) 345 - 19445
Fax: + 49 (0) 345 - 68235969

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Clever Saving

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Clever driving

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